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  • All-new 2018 Nike Hypervenom III Boots Are Still Making The Headlines

    Released two weeks ago, the all-new 2018 Nike Hypervenom II Boots are still making the headlines, as Neymar is ready to give the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 a run-out in the UEFA Champions League final this Saturday.

    We are almost ready to move on, but first we want to give you the most in-depth comparison possible of all six versions that are available of the second generation of the Nike Hypervenom. With the Nike Hypervenom II, Nike introduces the Dynamic Fit collar, known from the Mercurial Superfly and Magista Obra boots, to the Hypervenom, bringing with it improved fit as well as the iconic look of the higher collar.

    Additionally, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG Blackout,got a new textured NikeSkin upper with added Flywire strings in the midfoot part of the boot for increased stability and lockdown.

    A new entry in the 2018 Nike Hypervenom III family, the new Nike Hypervenom Phinish Boot is maybe the rightful heir to the first-generation Nike Hypervenom Cleats. The Nike Hypervenom Phinish comes with a traditional sockliner, as well as a textured NikeSkin upper with ACC and Flywire technologies for improved control under all conditions and a better lockdown of the feet.

    The soleplate of the Hypervenom Phinish is identical to that of the first-generation Hypervenom in terms of construction and stud alignment, making it a safe choice for fans of the first generation.

  • Latest Nike Mercurial Superfly V Colorways To Date

    If you’ve been wanting a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly from but haven’t seen value in their $300 price tag, now would be a decent time to invest in a pair. The folks at currently have some seriously deep discounts running on their Mercurial range right now, something that gets even better if you are a Goal Club member.

    On offer are some of the latest Mercurial colorways to date, as well as some SG and Junior option boots. Best thing is that there are plenty of sizes available for each option. We are not quite sure how long these prices will stay in place, but if the timing is right then you are definitely getting a really good deal.

    The Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG University Red/Bright Crimson/Black features all the performance you’d expect from the Mercurial Superfly combined with authentic EA Sports iconography across the design, highlighting the progression from 16-bit graphics on the original ‘94 game to today’s high definition output.

    In terms of color, a florescent orange is used, inspired by the video game logo and that logo actually appears on the sockliner, lace and heel. A special Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly V logo was designed just for this boot and its accompanying shoebox and bag. Much like the upper, the logo also transitions from high definition to 16-bit. A golden thread through the laces and an iridescent plate completes the design.

  • Cheap Nike Magista Obra “Lock In Let Loose” – Feature Review

    In reality, this is one of the most fascinating Cheap Nike Magista Obra II FG Soccer Cleats Black/Gold colorways currently on the market. Nike has it listed as Solar Orange, which is definitely a color that controls the upper. But, there is also a blast of yellow that breaks through and ads a more dynamic visual effect. You get a mix of yellow hues and the primary orange, with extra fire hot shades in between. The overall effect is very similar to a summer sunset, or almost like a molten orange. Adding black through the dynamic fit collar and on the lacing offers a dynamic contrast and really emphasizes the appearance of the structured knit.

    Nike has moved the pattern placed on the Cheap Nike Magista Obra II from away from the heat map style seen on initial releases. There is definitely an abstract look to this version, but it is one of the more uniform designs in the series to date.

    To the touch, the upper is so incredibly textured, like a mini mountain range running across the surface of the boot. This follows the concept of sensory amplification through feel and how the Nike team 3D mapped sensitive to touch areas against high-touch zones.You’d expect them to have a stiff feel, which they kind of do outside the boot. But inside, Nike use a soft, slightly padded material that feels great across the top of your foot.

    Let me raise the shock value here with a bold statement; this is the best boot for striking a shot to hit the market since the Nike T90 Laser series was retired; they are seriously that good. You get such a natural level of feel and touch, with the benefit of an upper material that allows you to really strike behind the ball. The extra definition provides a perfect zone for catching the ball solidly without feeling the full impact. And that same definition allows for improved control on the ball, with the material “wrapping” around the ball as you connect with it.

  • Lieke Martens’ Special Edition 2018 Mercurial Superfly Released

    Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t the only player who received a celebratory pair of Nike boots yesterday! Fresh off being named the was FIFA best women’s player for 2017, Lieke Martens was presented with a special edition pair of Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG from Nike.

    In addition to her stellar club play with FC Barcelona, Martens helped lead the Netherlands to triumph at the 2017 European Championships. Martens was also named Player of the Tournament.

    These Mercurial Superfly are pretty special, with only Martins receiving pairs. In other words, they won’t be available for retail.  The boot’s color palette pays homage to the Oranje Leeuwinnen (Orange Lionesses) and the Leeuwinne icon appears on the heel and on the sockliner. A up-close look will introduce you to the lace aglets that read, “1st,” in recognition of her team’s first European Championship, as well as the individual hardware she’s accumulated. The Swoosh has a multi-color orange to blue fade with a platinum-hued outline.

    Flip them over and the soleplate of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Purple/Red features a color shift from silver into blue, then fading in Orange around the forefoot.

    Finally, and most notably, Martens’s first name in all caps, “LIEKE,” appears on the medial side of the boot where “NIKE” normally appears. The standout platinum color of the letters is a nod to her most recent trophy acquisition.

    Check out all the latest Mercurial Superfly colorways at

  • 2018 Nike Mercurial Superfly – Electro Flare Edition

    With Nike releasing a full set of new releases as part of the Electro Flare Pack, players have ample selection when choosing new boots for fall season. One of those pairs, and probably one of the more popular colorways, comes via the 2018 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG.

    Designed with shades of Purple, Blue Lagoon, and a splash of Volt, there is a cosmic like feel about this one. The high-visibility splatter pattern is what really lights them up, contrasting dramatically right around the heel of the boot. It is a look that is sure to stand out as evenings get shorter and nightfall creeps in earlier.

    In terms of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/White/Orange and performance from, they are built specifically for speed. With a dynamic mid-cut collar that locks down the player in sprint mode, a micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper that provides a barefoot-like feel, and a highly responsive carbon-fiber plate designed to further provide explosive speed in all directions, this is about as advanced as we have ever seen a boot go.

    We don’t have to wait long to see either boot in action. Players across the top leagues will begin wearing the new colorways this weekend, so that is something to watch out for.

  • New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Released -- Nike’s latest creations

    These are definitely not your conventional soccer footwear, but the ’98 Ronaldo remake,Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Chapter 5 Cut to Brilliance Blue Tint/Black/White, is one of Nike’s latest creations that is well worth showcasing. What an incredibly suave design, combining Nike’s top soccer performance with a quality off pitch lifestyle look. We are talking the explosive Mercurial Superfly mixed with the comfort of Zoom Air.

    Well, Nike has placed a textured 2018 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Flyknit upper on top of a lightweight and responsive cushioning system, creating a clean look with effortless style. Flyknit provides an elastic, sock like fit and it is extremely breathable.A mid-cut collar hugs your ankle and provides a snug and comfortable fit. An added element to the shoe that is very unique is a crafted leather heel counter. It primary purpose is to add support and comfort as you wear them on a daily basis. But it also adds a more sophisticated, crafted look.

    The next important aspect lies underfoot; the Zoom Air sole. Nike Zoom Air debuted 20 years ago and continues to provide responsive low-profile cushioning that athletes can feel. Tightly stretched tensile fibers are knit inside a pressurized Nike Air unit from, giving the Zoom Air cushioning its snappy responsiveness. Each time an athlete’s foot touches down, the fibers compress to cushion the impact before quickly springing back to their original state, generating an explosive, powerful response off the ground.

  • 2018 Nike Tiempo Legend VII – Boot Review

    When it comes to comfort and touch on the ball, the Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG Black/Blue/Orange series has always been a true leader. In keeping with that tradition, Nike has unleashed the seventh generation by combining heritage styling with advanced tech specs. This could be the most advanced Legend to date, with an emphasis on durability and the overall structure of the boot from For example, Fit-Mesh is introduced for the first time and woven across the upper to act like a Chinese finger trap. The more pressure you apply, the tighter it holds.

    Given the extensive push Nike has made on the market through their release, we made sure to push them through their paces to find out what exactly they have on offer. And to see if durability has been improved! Note here, we used the Special Edition Blackout version for testing, but this review features the recently released Pitch Dark version.

    Breaking In and Comfort

    Because of the nature of the 2018 Nike Tiempo Legend VII boots design – more on that below – they are intended to fit very tight from first wear.The upper is supple enough to move in unison with your foot and adjust as you make your debut with them, while underfoot the soleplate has a lot of natural flex, specifically right under the big toe ball joint.

  • 2018 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG With The Boots Actually In Hand

    It is not often that we get to go back in time and revisit a super limited edition boot like the 2018 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG with the boots actually in hand! Thanks, who sent them over as a special gift to commemorate the release of their newly updated website, we get to take a look at the Superfly V boot designed to be a celebration to speed.

    It was almost a year ago when Nike released 3,000 pairs of “What the….Mercurial” to the market. The immediate reaction from fans pretty much matched the name of the boot! In total, there are 16 of the most distinctive and striking colorways used from the entire line-up of Mercurial boots used. Individual slices are layered right across the upper, merging together in a block style to create on of the most iconic releases you will ever see.

    One of the first things of note is that they are spectacular right from opening the box. Nike has lined the inside of “What the Box” with a pattern that compliments the boots. Along with the boots you also get “What the Bootbag”, which is gloriously lined with a history timeline of Mercurial on the reverse side. The bag alone is easily one of my favorite to date. Each piece adds an extra element of exclusivity to a release and immediately gives you something to focus on before you even get to the actual boots.

  • Released One Of The More Understated 2018 Nike Hypervenom Phelon III Colorways

    Definitely one of the more understated 2018 Nike Hypervenom III colorways yet, the boots are predominantly University Red with black Swooshes and a black sole plate. Red details that are present on said sole plate, the 'Hypervenom' branding on the outstep and the lower part of the studs, complete the look.

    Tech-wise, the University Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 soccer boots from have a one-piece Flyknit upper with a Dynamic Fit collar. The sole plate features chevron-shaped as well as conical studs.

    2017 Nike Hypervenom Phelon III FG Soccer Cleats Black/Silver - Features

    •    Full Flyknit construction
    •    Flywire lockdown
    •    Dynamic Fit collar
    •    Hyper-Reactive plate
    •    Textured upper
    •    Chevron studs
    •    ACC (All Conditions Control) technology


    Nike will launch a very bold colorway for its NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 soccer cleats in September. Combining orange, purple and navy to a gradient look, this new NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 2017 football boot colorway will be worn by the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Jamie Vardy and will also be released for the NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 FG CHAPTER 5 CUT TO BRILLIANCE Blue boot model.

    What do you think is one of the best ways you can ensure that when you step out onto the soccer field you play at your best? One of the best ways to ensure this would be having on the same type of NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V cleats that the professionals wear. Professionals know what works in the heat of battle and with the right footwear on you’ll be surprised at how much better you can perform.

    Some of the footwear professionals sport costs a lot of money though, but this doesn’t mean you have to be shut out. You can get a pair of cheap NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY cleats for instance. Don’t let the word cheap fool you. With a pair of these 2017 NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY you’ll be able to enhance certain areas of your game such as follows:

    Play-making ability-You’ll become more strategic in your play-making, because with the right pair of shoes on its going to be easier for you to be versatile. You’ll be able to execute the plays you need to in order to set yourself up or setup another teammate. Strategic play making is all about making the right moves when it counts, during critical moments of the game. This is what a pair of cheap NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY cleats can help you to do.

    Speed and versatility-How fast are you right now when your out there on the field? Do you believe you can get around as fast as you need to? What about the ability to adapt your game based on the speed of a player you might have to defend or work against? You need high speed and versatility in order to be able to do this. This is why the professionals sport the right footwear.

    Concentration on gameplay-When you don’t have on the right cleats, it becomes easy for your focus to become fractured. Your constantly worried that what you have on is going to fail you. If not this, then your just uncomfortable in what you have on to the point of focusing on it too much. All of this takes away from your game. With a pair of NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 FG CHAPTER 5 CUT TO BRILLIANCE Blue cleats on you’ll be able to overcome this.

    Are a pair of NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 FG CHAPTER 5 CUT TO BRILLIANCE Blue soccer cleats for you at

    You want to wear what the professionals wear, even if your game might not be anywhere near what theirs is. When you wear what the professionals wear it’s just going to be so much easier to feel confident out there. With a pair of these cleats you’ll improve your play making ability and be more strategic with it, your speed and versatility will improve as well as your ability to concentrate on the game rather than what’s on your feet. These NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 FG CHAPTER 5 CUT TO BRILLIANCE shoes will make a player better all around.

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