2016 Nike Tiempo Legend IV New Released -- Power for the soccer player

Even from ere is no mistaking that the 2016 Nike Tiempo Legend is built in order to show off the leather confirst view, there is no doubt that this is a Tiempo. Sure, it might have a big nod towards the old Ronaldhino Dois, but the big “TIEMPO” on the heel and the other aspects of the boot leave no doubt about this is a modern Tiempo. Outside of the “Reflective Pack” launch, every release up until this point has been given a very slick two-tone appearance that helps the boot look very clean.
New Nike Tiempo Legend IV
Considering the main marketing point for the Nike Tiempo Legend IV FG - Light Crimson-Black-Total Crimson has always been its flawless touch, it comes as no surprise that this boot provides an amazing feel for the ball. Passing and addressing the ball are a dream and it always seem to provide a great touch while still maintaining that padding that you would always associate with a leather boot. Always head to sports kicks uk shop for all of your soccer needs (and wants!).
Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend IV
The Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend has somehow managed to update itself while somehow improving its key aspects. Where striking a ball with a speed boot might feel harsh, or a “power” boot might not be built to have you caress a ball, the Tiempo allows you to power through a strike with impressive feel and execute any action while feeling in complete control of the ball. There is no doubt that this Tiempo will be as successful as the previous incarnations because it is genuinely superior in all areas of play.
2016 Nike Tiempo Legend IV
The last white Colorway of the New Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boot was rather classical with white as main color, but the new light colour Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boot is eye-catching again. Nike will also release a black version of the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boot with some gold applications, from which we will show you pictures soon.

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