Fresh Released White Black Nike Mercurial Superfly V 2016 Soccer Cleats

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG -White-Black at

White Black is a dynamic color coupled with the distinctive Nike swoosh of White for a revolutionary locked down fitting cleat found in the Nike Mercurial Superfly V 2016 Soccer Cleats. This cleat offers a light-weight feel with the technology necessary to have explosive speed, as well as controlled stops and speed.

Choices of Field Conditions

It’s possible to choose the cleats you need as this cleat is available for artificial grass and synthetic fields, and those with custom cleats for short-grass, or soft-ground. This gives the wearer an extra grip when needed, or better traction on harder ground depending on the choice.

Playing Barefoot

What amazes many who try the Heritage is the protection it offers despite the feeling of being almost barefoot. The material going into the design of these cleats is one of the major pluses for this line of Nike. This is a unique knitted synthetic created to ensure a player’s ability to actually feel the ball through the shoe. This is a micro-textured fabric which also keeps the foot dry, and reduces sweat. Despite the light-weight feel players are protected from the environment of the field no matter its type. This aids players in keeping control of the ball, and increases mobility. Heavier cleats might slow a wearer down, but along with materials used for this cleat, Nike has designed a shoe built to last, but created for running, dribbling and scoring.

Cleats for a Human Player

The field offers enough chances to slip and slide. The foot inside the cleat should remain dry, and feel comfortably protected. The sock liner in the Heritage gives the player a cushioned feel that doesn’t get in the way of feeling the ball, even as it offers protection for the instep, toes and heel. This sock liner doesn’t promote sweating or chafing, and the player will not even notice cushion, feeling only the freedom to remain in the game longer with being hampered by a lack of protection to the instep and toes.

A Lighter Cleated Plate

The under part of the cleat is where the player offer finds the most weight of the shoe. This can give the wearer a feeling of running with a weight attached to the soles of the feet. A weighted feeling not only costs the player in fatigue, it can also hinder mobility, and the fast moves necessary to out maneuver the other team. The Heritage’s light weight comes not only from the lightweight material of the upper shoe, but also the lighter weight of the carbon fiber plate. Players have the traction and control necessary to make fast moves, and quick stops while maintaining balance because this durable construction doesn’t weight them down.

Enhanced Interior Construction

The interior of the cleat is designed for comfort, while still fitting snugly. There are no parts to the interior that will slip or slide causing the player the distraction of discomfort.

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